Cozy Moments Amid Winter's Embrace

Release time:2023/12/18 Publisher:

In the midst of heavy snowfall, BOSOMs Wuhu factory is transformed into a picturesque winter wonderland. After a hectic day outdoors during the weekend, Engineer Lin, shivering from the cold, opens the door to his single-person dormitory. "Wow, it’s warm!” he excitedly exclaims, “Seems like the company’s underfloor heating is on. This has to be the first in the development zone!”. “You’re just finding out?” comes a reply. It is Aunt Cui Bingling, the janitor. “The company has made all the considerate arrangements for you in advance”, she says, wiping the glass in the dormitory corridor. 


I snore loudly when I sleep. Now, in this single room, I have an independent bathroom, balcony, and its equipped with a water heater, air conditioner, refrigerator, and a fully automatic washing machine. These amenities are no less than that of a hotel!” says Cheng Jiahui, who joined in 2019 and arrived at BOSOM's Wuhu office in June 2022 and works in the PMC department, expressing immense satisfaction with his spacious private space. Speaking of the dormitory heating, he, hailing from Jixi in southern Anhui, continues, “The company’s attention to detail is incredible. Theyve placed employees lives at the forefront. Even my home isnt this comfortable. 


To enhance the living conditions for our employees and ensure everyone is comfortable throughout the winter months in Wuhu, colleagues from logistics support, including Deyu and Changgong, collaborated with gas company installation personnel. They initiated the heating system setup over two months ago, completing tasks such as layout and adjustment of the heating network within the factory area, outdoor pipeline protection, valve maintenance, and system debugging step by step. 


However, each time Zhang Xiang, responsible for recruitment, hears compliments from job applicants about the company’s advanced equipment, office, and living environment, her clarifications always come unexpectedly: “Don’t think BOSOM is all high-end. Our general managers and directors dont even have their own offices. The company’s limited resources are prioritized for customers’ products and solutions, as well as for our colleagues’ work and living environment. Because the company demands high standards from everyone, these resources are invested with the hope of attracting you all to work at BOSOM!” 


As snowflakes drift outside the window and the interior is warmly lit, Deyu stated, We strive to provide excellent logistical support, offering our hardworking colleagues a warm ‘home’ at their workplace.”